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Sometimes shocking, yet always memorable, slick, intelligent and entertaining,ROBIN LANE has been moving audiences with his unique brand of performance art the past 40 years. Integrating the arts of illusion, dance, theater, videography and special effects, his thematic performances always create a lasting visual and emotional experience.

Robin began mastering his craft at the tender age of 6, before making his professional debut at age 16. Appearing at everything from black-tie banquets and openings to community theater and art schools, he has left impressions spanning Manhattan to Milan. Whether evoking surprise, wonder, romanticism or reflection, the symbolism and social commentary within his imaginative acts resonate. These unusual attractions in the leisure industry defy traditional entertainment expectations.

Robin has been a frequent performer on national prime time media, including several appearances on ABC, CBS, and the classic "Joe Franklin Show". He is also a highlighted artist in Theatre of The Mind and the syndicated BBC television series "Omnibus: Houdini", and was recently featured in The New York Times.

The public can witness "Chalk Talk" on weekends at the N and SE corners of 33rd St., Second Ave. In addition to performance installations, Robin aptly coined the term "performance model", where he projects a dramatic still-image in the active state. He's been performing these motion studies for students at the Pratt Institute the past 20 years.

A lifetime New Yorker, Robin was educated at St. John's University and N.Y.U. He is also a devoted pet lover and Yankee fan.


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